Beautiful famous phrases

There is nothing more comforting than reading some beautiful famous phrases throughout the day, they can even inspire you to see life in a different way or help you stay focused on your goals. From GreetingsNow we recognize its importance in providing wisdom and motivation, so we present only the best:

1. Albert Einstein was not only a genius for physics, but for life itself. He had a unique way of seeing the world we should rescue:

Do not try to become a man of success, but a man of courage. Albert Einstein.

  1. In a life in which we have been taught that failure must be avoided, it is worth remembering these words of Franklin D. Roosvelt:

In life there is something worse than failure: not having tried anything. Franklin D. Roosvelt.

3. William Shakespeare reminds us that we should not take our lives in a hurry, we will all be late to where we are going:

He who goes too fast arrives as late as he who goes too slowly. Willian Shakespeare

  1. Beautiful advice for couples, Jorge Muñoz expresses that the greatest sign of love is to tolerate our partner in all the defects that may have:

Perhaps the greatest demonstration of love is to learn to tolerate even the defects. Jorge Muñoz.

5. Love can stress us at unknown levels, but as Woody Allen says, sex can help us relieve them. Creative way of expressing that both go hand in hand:

Sex relieves tension and love causes it. Woody Allen.

  1. If we have the courage to be strong and stand firm, we can be defeated, but as Ernest Hemingway reminds us, we cannot be destroyed:

A man of character may be defeated, but never destroyed. Ernest Hemingway.

  1. Paulo Coelho presents a great metaphor for the problems that arise in life, we will only be defeated if we stop fighting:

Do not drown by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it. Paulo Coelho.

8. The following famous phrase applies at any stage in the history of mankind and is that by impressing others we are able to borrow. You have to stop living from appearances:

We spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t care about.

  1. Steve Jobs gave us precious advice that we can take to guide us in life because if we are sincere, at some point we have allowed others to drown our happiness and our dreams:

Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions turn off your inner voice. Steve Jobs

10. With the following sentence, Groucho Marx explains that everyone is respectable until we get to know them better, appearances unfortunately, are the first thing we perceive from others:

Sorry if I call you gentlemen, but I still don’t know you well. Groucho Marx.


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