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Beautiful phrases Brothers


Brothers are a gift that gives us life to know not only true friendship, but the bonds of love that unite a family. A brother is the first best friend, our confidant and to whom we can go when we have a problem. In the following beautiful phrases for siblings, you will find some of the best to dedicate to your brother or to teach your children.

  1. Only true brothers can see you in the face, observe a big smile and know that you are sad. It is impossible for a brother to deceive him, because he has come to the world to travel by your side and knows you better than anyone.
  2. The brothers will always be by your side, regardless of the price they must pay for it. Brothers are those superheroes that we know in the bosom of the family.
  3. The brothers are the best confidants because only they have been raised in the same way as you. A brother helps you remember where you come from and where you are going.
  4. We can fight to the death with our brothers, but it is such a curious relationship that, if someone else fights with them, you will be able to face their enemies without thinking about it. For this reason, those who do not have brothers are envious of those who do. That unconditional support is nowhere in the world.
  5. Having a brother is having a person always willing to help you when you need it, it is a hand that lifts you when you fall and the faithful friend who stays by your side when others have abandoned you.
  6. This beautiful phrase for brothers is perfect to dedicate to that special brother: Brother, I don’t promise to solve your problems, but I swear you’ll never face them alone.
  7. Dear brother, let me be the light that illuminates your path, your strength when the storm comes into your life and the first hug when you return home.
  8. Don’t fight with your older brothers, they just quarrel, argue with you and tell you what to do because they want to protect you from the mistakes they have already made. They are fulfilling the duty of the elder brother, protecting you from all evil.
  9. The most beautiful thing about having a brother is to be certain that even if their paths separate in life, their hearts will remain together forever.
  10. Our brothers may be very different from us, but it is those differences that enrich our lives. Only our brothers know us in depth, they can share private family jokes, they know all the problems we have gone through, our sorrows and joys. The brothers keep us young, for them we never grow old because they know our true essence.



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