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Beautiful poems of friendship


Finally we can retake one of the things that make us happier in the world, because to be able to dedicate beautiful words to our inseparable partners in life is something that will make us feel really good, and for that, today it is time to help you with our selection of Beautiful and short verses and poems of friendship, poems and poems for prettier friends and also some for children and other lengths.

Friend, take whatever you want,

penetrate your gaze into the corners

and if you wish, I give you my whole soul

with its white avenues and songs.

Friend – with the afternoon make

this useless and old desire to win go away.

Drink from my jug if you are thirsty.

Friend — with the afternoon, let

this desire of mine go away so that the whole rose bush

belongs to me.

Friend if you are hungry eat my bread.

Everything, friend, I’ve done it for you.

All this that without looking you will see in my naked room:

all this that rises by the right walls

– like my heart – always looking for height.

You smile at my friend … What does it matter!

Nobody knows how to hand over

what is hidden inside,

but I give you my soul, amphora of soft honeys,

and I give everything to you …

Less that one I remember …

… That in my inheritance empties that lost love, it

is a white rose, which opens in silence …

Do not give up, you are still in time

to reach and start again,

accept your shadows, bury your fears,

release the ballast, resume the flight.

Do not give up that life is that,

continue the journey,

chase your dreams,

unlock time,

run the rubble and uncover the sky.

Don’t give up, please don’t give in,

even if the cold burns,

although fear bites,

even if the sun goes down and the wind stops,

there is still fire in your soul,

there is still life in your dreams,

because life is yours and Your desire too,

because you wanted it and because I love you.

Because there is wine and love, it is true,

because there are no wounds that do not heal time,

open the doors remove the bolts,

leave the walls that protected you.

Live life and accept the challenge,

regain laughter, rehearse the song,

lower your guard and extend your hands,

spread your wings and try again,

celebrate life and retake the heavens,

Do not give up please do not give in,

even if the cold burns,

although fear bites,

even if the sun sets and the wind stops,

there is still fire in your soul,

there is still life in your dreams,

because every day is a beginning,

Because this is the time and the best moment,

because you are not alone, because I love you.

I grow a white rose

in June as January

for the sincere friend

who gives me his frank hand.

And for the cruel one that rips out

my heart with which I live,

thistle or cultivation nettle;

I grow the white rose.


Friendship is the same as a hand

that in another hand supports your fatigue

and feels that fatigue is mitigated

and the road becomes more human.

The sincere friend is the

clear and elementary brother like the spike,

like the bread, like the sun, like the ant

that confuses honey with summer.

Great wealth, sweet company

is that of the being that arrives with the day

and clarifies our inner nights.

Source of coexistence, of tenderness,

is the friendship that grows and matures

amid joys and pains.


Friendship is a flurry of luminous fish,

and it drags you

into a happy ocean of butterflies.

Friendship is a plañir of bells

that invoke the aroma of the bodies

in a dawned garden of heliotropes.

Friends who

left us forever,

Expensive friends gone forever,

Out of Time And out of Space!

For the soul nourished with sorrows,

For the busy heart, perhaps.


To him who is a friend, never

leave him in the lurch,

but do not ask him for anything

or await everything from him:

always the most faithful friend

is an honest conduct.



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