Best intelligent phrases

When you seek to share with your contacts those thoughts so thoughtful that they make you think and meditate deeply on the values ​​of life, without a doubt that you are looking for those wise phrases about life and love that only the best intelligent phrases can offer you. And that is why, in GreetingsNow you will find the best ones, both the shortest, the long and the deepest. Let’s see them!

Wisdom is a gift that few can define, for some it is composed of intelligence, for others, for the experience of life. In GreetingsNow we believe that it is a careful combination of both and that we can cultivate it if we meditate and reflect some wise phrases:

  1. If you want to achieve your dreams, you have to be able to put aside that life you so carefully planned and vent to the void.
  2. If you want to put aside everything you don’t want, you must first learn to recognize what you really want to do in your life.
  3. Live in such a way that you never lose your soul to the world and its hardness, remember that wisdom is more valuable than any other kind of wealth.
  4. Remember that you were not born in this world to meet anyone’s expectations, you came to meet yours and nothing else; who has decided to set expectations based on your life, has made a serious mistake and it is he who must correct it.
  5. What is the value of life? It is a question to which it is difficult to answer, because everything will depend on your awareness and the ability you have to contemplate and value the world around you.
  6. If you want your life to have a true purpose, hold on to your dreams, impossible as they may seem, because it is better to have an almost unattainable dream, than an empty and meaningless life.
  7. This is one of the wise phrases that I always have in my day to day: The problems that come to our lives and can suffocate us have a reason for being and being there, present and that we will only know when we can overcome them and leave strongest of them.
  8. If you find yourself on the side of the majority, don’t you think it’s time to stop and reflect? The large masses are defined as being easily manipulated groupings.
  9. The obstacles we can find in our life only appear when you get distracted on the road and take your eyes off your goals, if you have made that mistake, do not be scared by them and do what you always did, face them as if they were a more step on the stairs to your destination.
  10. Live your life without sacrificing yourself too much for others, because there will come a time when you will not find anything you can give to the right person and who needs you or you will find that those for whom you sacrificed are incapable to reach out to you
  11. I can travel all over the world, settle anywhere, but what really matters to me in this life and in the following ones, is to dwell only in your heart.
  12. Life can be full of perfect plans to achieve success and be happy, but one day you can run into a person who will have the power to tear down those plans and help you build new and better ones.
  13. There is no greater sorrow than the separation of two lovers, nor an “I miss you” more sincere because of distance. Wise phrase of unique love ideal for lovers.
  14. If you do not have the ability to imagine with your partner now when you have wrinkles or when you are sick, you do not really love her.
  15. The perfect relationship is one where both play as if they were a couple of children, discuss as if they were an old marriage and protect themselves as a family against any eventuality.
  16. If you are not satisfied with your partner, let me give you some advice: It is much easier to change partners than to dedicate yourself to changing a person.
  17. When love dies not everything comes down to simply stop loving, but one of the people got tired of loving without being truly reciprocated.
  18. A wise phrase of love leaves us with great advice to keep the woman of our life in love with us and comes down to a single word: Love her.
  19. Time can heal the wounds that love leaves in our hearts, unfortunately the scars will remain there, teaching us to love rationally.
  20. Our way of being defines two important things in our lives, those who love you and those who hate you; your enemies will hate you for your way of being and that you can never change it without changing your essence, luckily, many people will love you for how you are.
  21. No one was born to be defeated, defeat is not compatible with our stubborn human nature, and we will always be destroyed before being defeated.
  22. Your reactions to misfortune will define whether your mind is mediocre or prepared for greatness.
  23. When you discover the reality of life you have two paths to take, or you accept everything around you or you accept the challenge of changing it.
  24. The worst thing you can feel is the enjoyment of success, remember that you can always do better tomorrow.
  25. Thank fate for leaving happy people on your path, they will illuminate your life. 26. When you start something always ask yourself, who will dare to stop me? Short wise phrase perfect to be shared on social networks.
  26. If you want to avoid criticism, never do anything, become a nobody. 28. When darkness surrounds you, do not despair, just concentrate a little more on finding the light.
  27. If you keep busy perfecting and improving your life, you will not have time to criticize your neighbor.
  28. Do not travel on a road already traveled, create your own path through the undergrowth and darkness.
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