Birthday greetings for my brother:

We all have important people in our life; people we love, appreciate and love. With them, we share much of our time, our life and much the comings and goings through which we move.

When one of them celebrates his birthday, the most beautiful thing we can do is express our love, good wishes and unconditional love.

Here you will find sweet phrases for a brother in his celebration. Share dear words for a brother on his birthday and be happy as a family.

Birthday greetings for my brother:

: “I still remember our games when we were children, brother. Kick the ball, play hide and seek, run through the streets … what beautiful moments.

I always complained because you were stronger and faster than me. But they are still memories that I carry in my heart.

I want you to know on this special day that your birthday is for me, that you are a great brother, and I love you, I admire and respect you.

It’s amazing how time has flown and we are already two adults. Happy day, little brother. ”

: “Dear brother, you know very well how much I love you and how happy I feel to celebrate your birthday by your side. I wish you to know that for me you are like a second Father because you have always supported me, and I have received from you the best advice.

I hope this day is the best of your onomastic and that God’s blessing always accompanies you. ”

: “Life gave me the best brother in the world. At your side I have grown and have passed the best experiences. For me, you are my brother and at the same time a great example to follow.

I want you to know that I will always be by your side, as many times as you need me. With all my heart I wish you a happy day, today that is your birthday. ”

: “One of the things I remember most from childhood is that you always looked after me, dear brother. There are so many shared moments, joys lived, mischief made.

How nice it is to remember all that, and above all to relive it on a special day, like today is your birthday.

I love you very much, little brother, and I will always wish you the best. Blessings on your birthday and enjoy. ”

I want you to know that for me you are an example to follow, because at your side I have learned to value life, solidarity towards people and respect for our world.

Thanks to you I have taken the right path and that is something I will always thank you for.

I hope you have a wonderful onomastic with all the people we love you. ”

Very nice birthday messages to my brother:

:: “This day for me happy I feel at the same time a deep sadness of knowing that I will not be by your side on your birthday, cute and dear little brother.

Too bad, but the distance is insurmountable.

I still want you to know that my heart is with you and that from here I send you a big hug and a huge kiss.

On my return we will celebrate your birthday, you will see that we will have a great time. Congratulations.”

Occasions such as the birthdays of the brothers are moments that we should not let them pass, and, on the contrary, take advantage to cement the beautiful fraternal relationship.

Share these dear words to a brother on his birthday and get a cute date to become a day to remember forever. Good luck to the whole family.

Nice birthday phrases for my fantastic sister

Having a good sister is a blessing from God. So, in the case, that you have an older sister, it is synonymous with experience and friendship because she will become your best friend, and the confidant of all your pranks and secrets.

On the other hand, if you have a younger sister, she will become your center of attention because you will stop pending her actions.

Whatever your situation, if you have a sister and it is her onomastic, you can take advantage of the following birthday phrases to send or tell them and thus get a smile on her special day.

Find the phrase you like best and offer it. Share beautiful birthday phrases for my fantastic sister and may the onomastic celebrate it beautifully.

Birthday dedications for a brother:

: “When I learned that I would have a little sister, I got excited. Even more to see you being a little piece of human being full of life.

Now I always want to be with you, little sister, taking care of you, watching over you and especially knowing what you do, why I should take care of you, you know that. I want to wish you a nice birthday, dear little sister.

Believe me that I am very happy for this day that we are going to celebrate! Congratulations.”

: “Although this time we are far from each other I know that our hearts are close, dear sister.

Today is a special day for the family, as it is your birthday, and you just have to wait for everyone to call you to congratulate you.

I wish all your dreams come true! I love you, sister, be happy! ”

: “We had many fights, discussions and we haven’t even talked to each other for days.

However, we are now older, and we learned to love each other, even with our shortcomings.

Now all we give each other are hugs and love, dear sister. We also share our secrets and thus we have strengthened.

Our sister relationship is more beautiful than ever. Happy birthday, dear sister, you spend what really great! ”

: “I want to thank you, sister of my heart, for all the moments we have shared.

Thank you for teaching me to get up after problems but above all I thank you for showing me how to be and be calm in the face of defeats.

I want to congratulate you on this special day: today is your birthday, sister, enjoy it. Happy day … and May everything be smiles for you! ”

: “I know that in this world we will always stay together, dear sister. You will be for me just as I am here and now for you.

Whatever we need, we are willing to give it, because that is how our Fathers taught us.

Thank you for all these years of brotherhood, fraternal relationship, little sister! I wish you a very happy birthday! I hope you have a great time. ”

Good birthday wishes to my brother:

: “I still remember when we played dolls, kitchenette or acting. I know that we have been many years apart, however, that was never an obstacle to having fun.

I have always thought that our sister relationship is very special, and unique.

I love you so much, little sister! I wish you had a fun birthday with all of us! Congratulations.”

: “I know we have fought for girls for any nonsense, dear sister, but this is the life of girls.

Now we are both mature and we are not harassed more than being happy side by side.

I am writing this message because I want to wish you a happy birthday, dear sister. I love you and wish you had a very happy time. ”

Always celebrate, with much emotion and happiness, the day of the onomastic of your dear sister.

Share these beautiful birthday phrases for my fantastic sister and may the joy of fraternity be eternal.

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