congratulate my love

It is clear that love is incomparable to any other feeling and is characterized by its purity and the feeling of inner peace that makes us feel.

When love comes into our lives, we thank that person who taught us to love and we only want to give him happiness because it makes us live a unique experience while we also learn to value, respect and more.

Therefore, on important dates there is a good reason to express all your gratitude, so if your partner turns years, there is no better way to do so dedicate a beautiful congratulatory phrase for your love for his free name.

Birthday greetings for my love

“My treasure, with all my heart I wish you many congratulations not only for this special date but for a lifetime.

Destiny has been very kind to me by being able to give me a spectacular man like you are.

It is not long before it is you’re onomastic and I know that this new year of life will give you many successes and blessings because you deserve them. ”

  “It’s already twelve o’clock, the night is waiting anxiously for your birthday, but not as much as I am.

I want us to enjoy your birthday together and I also want to fill you with hugs, kisses and tell you everything my heart wants to express to you.

No one has ever been able to make me as happy as you do, I thank you for that.

I am completely sure that we will remain in love forever and walk hand in hand along the brightest path. I love you so much, my only love. ”

“Love, I wish you, with all my heart, a happy birthday. Many years have passed and I see that you are much older than when I met you. It makes me very happy to know that we grow old together and that we are happy holding hands.

I am immensely grateful to you for giving me a life full of joys and confidence, especially because you gave me your heart, as I gave you mine. ”

“My love, today is a very special date and I am glad that we are together.

Our relationship has been fruitful and in gratitude I prepared a cake which I made with love for you, since I know you love sweets.

I want you to know that without you I could die because you are the love of my life, the man who makes my heart beat. I hope you continue to have many blessings in your life, you and your whole family. Hugs and kisses from a distance. ”

“Sweetie, I must confess that we have had very nice days but one of the ones I enjoy most is the date of your birthday since we only think about being happy and forget all the problems that happen to us.

We have lived together for many years and have been very productive and happy by your side, I am glad to have dedicated almost all my life

. I love you more than anything in the world and I wish you many blessings. ”

Tender birthday messages for my partner

“Honey, on this special date, the truth is that I can’t find the words to express all the joy I feel inside, I can only say that you are the most important thing in my life, I love you so much and that my soul is glad because I can celebrate your birthday by your side.

You are the only thing I need to continue the long road of life. I wish you many congratulations and may God bless you forever. ”

We are sure that these beautiful phrases for your congratulatory love for your free birthday have the exact message to manifest everything you feel for the love of your life on such a special date.

Nice birthday phrases for my crush

He will not recognize him openly, but we assure you that he is very excited and anxious about what you are going to give him for his birthday.

And we are not just talking about gifts; but he too, is waiting for some sweet and sweet free phrases of love that accompany any surprise you might have prepared.

Remember that men also like to receive romantic details.

That is why, we have created for you, these beautiful phrases of happy birthday for free, so you can dedicate to your crush.

Beautiful happy birthday dedications for my partner

“My beloved, I am a very lucky woman, for having in my life a man as wonderful as you.

And you always behave in a very tender way with me; and you make me feel very sure of myself.

This will be your first birthday, to celebrate together; therefore, let me tell you how happy I am to be able to participate in such an important date for you.

I love you with every fiber of my being! Congratulations, my beautiful baby! ”

“You always treat me like a Princess; therefore, it is now my turn to treat you like the Prince you are.

You know my love, when we are together I feel that nothing bad can happen.

Also, you are to blame for each of my smiles. Today, my baby is one more year old; and let me tell you that with each passing year, I feel that my love for you does not have a cap; and I don’t doubt that it will continue to grow and grow, until it surpasses the sky.

Happy Birthday my love! You are the most beautiful thing I have in life! ”

“From the first moment I saw you, I noticed that there was something special that was being born between us.

Thus, I felt a spark present, at every crossing of looks. But, as I saw that you were not coming to talk to me, I had to take the initiative; and I will be the one to start this beautiful love story.

So much so that, today, we are writing another beautiful page of this beautiful story.

Well, we will spend your birthday together, in the company of friends and family. Happy birthday, my King! I hope you have a great day!”

“It’s always you who is giving me things; and having details with me.

But, today, the one who will receive presents and details will be my love. Well, today, your saint is my love.

Therefore, we will celebrate together the wonderful day you were born. I want you to know that I feel very happy and excited, to be able to share with you, such an important moment of your life.

Happy birthday my King! I love you with all my heart!”

“Our love story, had the most beautiful of the beginnings. First, we were neighbors; and later we became friends.

Thus, almost, without realizing it, love began to awaken in our hearts, when we were finishing school.

So, I have been present on all your birthdays, since we are little; but this is the first time, I’ll be in one of them as your girlfriend. Happy Birthday my love!

You’re my best friend; and the love of my life! If I have you, I don’t need anything else to be happy, my darling. ”


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