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Do you want to send beautiful birthday greetings on WhatsApp


To wish a birthday greeting there are endless combinations of greetings. Some can be said with the heart, others jokingly but always in the background there will be some sincerity and good wishes that is what the birthday boy needs most to start another year of existence.

We invite you to read this article and that you can find here the ideal phrase that you would like to dedicate to someone who turns years old.

Birthday messages and phrases for whatsapp

: “The birthday of a good friend like you is a time of great happiness for you and those who love you!!!”

: “The good thing about us is that our friendship is very sincere and lasting over time. Happy Birthday friend!!!”

: “Thousands of happy days for you that you are a very special person in my heart. Happy birthday friend!”

: “Rain of blessings for you today and forever. Happy birthday!!!”

: “Today is a special day to organize something beautiful for your birthday, to start me want to give you a big hug. Happy day, little friend. ”

Find nice birthday phrases for whatsapp

: “Among so many things I have to do, this day is already ending and before that happens I wish you had the best birthday of your life.”

: “Let’s toast for your birthday because you deserve to be celebrated in a big way always, I love you very much, congratulations on your day!”

: “We have known each other for many years and have exchanged countless birthdays. I wish you congratulations and do not forget to wish me the same for my onomastic”.

: “Friend, do not be distressed because you are one more year old, in reality only today is one more day than yesterday.”

: “You knew that wisdom comes with the years and it is good that in your onomastic you do not appear how old you are. Congratulations on your day”.

Birthday congratulations for whatsapp

: “As you are one of those who detest being greeted by your birthday just for today I wish you all the best.”

:: “What counts is the present, today is one more birthday in your life and look at it not as you get older but more expert.”

: “As every year I wish for your onomastic to continue to increase the joys, successes, love and good health. Happy day”.

: “Little girl friend you wanted to be big and now as an adult you want to be a girl, too late for it. Conform to who you are. Happy Birthday”.

: “A cane here, another wrinkle there, a few extra kilos, but for me you will never change. Happy birthday little friend”.

Nice birthday messages for whatsapp

: “Happy birthday and best wishes of absolute happiness for someone I love very much.”

: “I wish you a happy birthday because you are a wonderful person and occupy a special place in my life!”

: “I wish you a million congratulations so that you are more likely to have 365 days well lived.”

:: “Friend, may our friendship macerate over time like good wine and that every birthday that passes is always the best for you.”

: “Here you have me to accompany you for another year of life and I hope you always continue to face your existence with security and confidence in yourself.”

Best wishes for happy birthday for whatsapp

: “For my good friend of a lifetime with whom I am aging simultaneously, I sympathize with you on your birthday.”

: “Friend, that every birthday you celebrate in a different way so you can see that you live your life and don’t let her live for you.”

: “You are surprised to see me today, what happens is that a little bird told me not to miss because they were going to give you a surprise party. Happy Birthday”.

: “On the day of your birthday I can be very generous with you and wish you a million congratulations.”

Download the birthday phrase you like best from this article for free and don’t forget to recommend our site to your friends.

The best short birthday phrases
for WhatsApp

At the time of greeting a person who is turning years of life you can break the monotony and say something more than two well-known words that we do not need to mention because they are over understood

In this article we have prepared a list of birthday texts that you can download for free and share with a person whom you appreciate very much and do not want to give a cold greeting and that your words of congratulations stand out from the rest.

We invite you to read the texts that we present below for birthday congratulations and that you can send them by WhatsApp.

Original happy birthday greetings for whatsapp

: “I only need two words to greet someone very special for their day. Happy Birthday”

: “Today is not an ordinary day that I can forget because you are a very special and essential friend for me, I wish you the best for your birthday.”

: “May you always remain that sweet friend as your birthday cake. Congratulations”.

: “I just want to tell you that I am very happy to have found a friend with whom I get along very well and I feel that you are my soul mate. Happy birthday. ”

: “You are the friend I have known since I barely knew how to speak and now as adults I have short words to tell you how much I love you and I wish you congratulations for your day.”

Wish happy birthday to whatsapp wall

: “I was thinking of dedicating you a special phrase for your day, but I came to the conclusion that I only have to say what my heart feels. Happy birthday little friend”.

: “It is not the name that differentiates a person, it is oneself who makes you identify yourself as a unique being. Happy Birthday”.

: “Today is a nice day to celebrate the birthday of a beautiful person like you.”

: “We are like two pentagram notes that are enough to form a beautiful melody. Happy Birthday”.

: “Happy birthday to those who have taught me to share my joys and my sorrows.”

Nice birthday greetings to send by whatsapp

: “Congratulations on your day for someone who is worth as very few I know.”

: “You are an easy friend to love but hard to forget. Happy Birthday”.

: “You don’t honor the name of your Saint but I still wish you many congratulations on your day.”

: “All the happiness in the world for the honoree. Happy Birthday”.

: “A little present for someone as special as you. Happy Birthday”.

Birthday cards to put on whatsapp

: “Congratulations to a great friend who deserves to be happy not only on her birthday but 365 days a year.”

: “I celebrate with you the day of your birthday expressing my sincere wishes for happiness, peace and love in your life.”

: “Congratulations to the most beautiful and special friend I know.”

: “Happy birthday and that the main objective of your life is to fight for what you want to be.”

:”Happy Birthday. It takes less than a minute to desire something that I want to last for a lifetime. ”

Birthday dedications to send by WhatsApp

: “May your name not only be a word that identifies you but also means a positive charge for your destiny. Happy Birthday”.

: “Thank you for your friendship that you remain a saint not only for the day of your birthday.”

: “Friend, what I cannot express with words you find in this gift I have for your birthday.”

: “There are many ways to pay homage to life and one of them is your birthday.”

: “So you don’t feel bad about forgetting your birthday, I promise you that next year I won’t remember mine. Happy day attracted. ”

We are sure that these texts have been to your liking because we always create our phrases thinking about what you might like.

Download the phrase you have chosen for free and do not wait to send it on WhatsApp. Come back soon because we will always have something new for your personal interest.



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