Happy birthday friend

It is the anniversary day of that girl so important that she has helped you a lot and has meant a lot in your life, and that’s why you want to give her the best congratulations, and to help you in your goal we offer you a list of messages and phrases of happy birthday friend mine that we have prepared you in GreetingsNow so that you can send the best greetings and congratulations to send to my best friend so that you can say congratulations dear friend in the most original way you can imagine. Let’s go see them!

To wish a happy birthday friend, it is not always easy, sometimes words get stuck in our fingers and it is impossible to tear them away. If this is your case and you want to congratulate your friend with the best words, in GreetingsNow we have the best collection to achieve it. Do not be shy or shy, choose from our big list that congratulation that best suits her and consent to her day:

  1. My friend, my favorite crazy, that person who always drags me out of bed to live crazy adventures and enjoy life, I wish you the best birthday ever, have a great time and that life always smiles to you so that the Prosperity and love fall upon you like an endless rain.
  2. Congratulations, friend, I wish you the best on this birthday, enjoy your day and the life that lies ahead, you deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you so much!
  3. We became friends recently, but I already consider you one of the best, you are very special, with a light that illuminates everyone’s life and a smile that brightens the day of anyone who knows you, never change! Happy birthday, friend!
  4. Happy meets the best friend of the entire universe, I am a very lucky person to be able to call you friend, never change, and you are the best, a strong, talented woman and full of thousands of ideas, that you achieve success and fulfill all your dreams.
  5. Congratulations, my dear friend, may this special day have love and happiness as protagonists, my wishes for you are happiness, prosperity and health, I love you very much, beautiful friend, thank you for sharing those special moments with me, thank you For considering me your friend, I love you so much.
  6. Happy birthday to a very special friend. May this day be unique and memorable in your life! Thank you for your support and unconditional friendship, I love you very much.
  7. Congratulations on this day to the best friend that life has given me. I wish that congratulations and joys always fill your life and that wherever you look you find joy.
  8. A day like today was born one of my dearest friends. Thanks to life for joining our paths and strengthening the beautiful friendship that unites us today.
  9. Today I send my love to one of my dearest friends. It’s been so many years sharing and enjoying this beautiful friendship, I wish it will be many more years.
  10. Happy return to the sun my dear friend, today is a special day to celebrate all those goals that you have accomplished so far, and open your arms to receive the ones you are about to meet in the future.
  11. Like every year on this date, I take a few moments to greet you friend, today you are celebrating another year of life and I want you to know that it fills me with pride and happiness to be able to share this moment with you. Congratulations!
  12. Today I celebrate the life of my best friend, and I celebrate every year that I enjoyed your love and company. Regardless of the good or bad times, you have always been present by my side in each of them and that is something that I value. Congratulations!
  13. Congratulations friend for your birth date. Today begins a new year of life for you and I hope it comes full of good times and joys, fulfilled dreams and successes. May the blessings always be on your side.
  14. I thank you on this day for your life friend, today another year is added to your life and I hope it is much better than the previous one. You have so many capacities and strengths to make this year a memorable and successful one. Happy Birthday!
  15. Happy birthday friend. Life was good to unite our paths in their perfect moments, since you are part of my life, you have illuminated it with your constant light and spark. Thank you for so many smiles!
  16. Congratulations on your day my adventure partner. I cannot help remembering with appreciation so many anecdotes and memories that we have formed friend, you have been and you will be a fundamental pillar in my life.
  17. Happy birthday, adored friend. Since we were so young we have been inseparable and neither the years nor anything have been able to break the strong bonds of friendship we have forged. I adore you!
  18. I can’t let this day go by without remembering you with appreciative friend. Today you are no longer among us, but you remember and legacy remain present in our lives, thank you for taking care of me. Kisses to heaven for you.
  19. Happy birthday to a very special friend. Today the world is partying in celebration for you, you are an amazing person. You deserve the best friend for being so dedicated, dedicated and detached with everyone around you. Thanks a lot!
  20. Today I remember with affection and I appreciate one of my dearest friends. For reasons that life knows we are not close, but, although kilometers or oceans separate us you have my love and admiration. I send you a huge hug full of affection. Happy Birthday!
  21. I adore you very much, my friend, that you will be many years full of happiness and blessings, you are the person I trust the most and to whom I always wish the best, I send you a big hug.
  22. I am proud to have you as a friend, you are an exemplary, straight and honest person, who always strives to fulfill her dreams while staying on the path of goodness, never change and that every birthday fills you with blessings and successes You deserve a friend
  23. Happy birthday friend, that all those dreams and desires come true in this year that begins, that you achieve that professional development that you so long for and all the successes that predict your goals, I am glad to see you succeed and stand out because you are the best, do not forget
  24. Congratulations, friend, stop thinking about age and hide your birthday, a year of life is not over, start a new one and what does it matter if its price is one more little canita? Life is a precious gift and even more when you live it to the fullest, enjoy your day and celebrate life, only be birthday once every twelve months.
  25. Even if our adult life keeps us much longer apart than together I want to remind you that I will always be there for you, I love you very much, my dear friend, never change and celebrate this special date in a big way and don’t miss me, we will soon meet again.
  26. I know that you are a true Grinch of birthdays since you turned 25 but my friend I can’t help saying hello and wishing you the best on this date, cheer up that face, it’s another year of life, a new opportunity to start or continue fighting for your dreams, so get that mood up!
  27. Congratulations, friend, come on, wake up with a smile that this is a day worthy of celebration, a new year begins in your life and so that you go on the right foot we will celebrate it until dawn.
  28. Happy birthday, dear friend! Put aside the bitterness and fear of wrinkles, which will not come out less if you do not celebrate your birthday, on the contrary, you will get many more, do not be afraid to smile, share with those who love you madly and enjoy the life that stops That is here.
  29. Friend makes that face happy, a day as special as today does not always happen, but we must wait another turn from Earth to the Sun and do you know how lucky that is? How many dangers of space do we escape? One more turn in your life, a new opportunity to live, to breathe, to grow and love, it is time to celebrate and enjoy it all over the place Happy birthday!
  30. Today one of my favorite days of the year has arrived, yes, your birthday, holiday and celebration to all giving and it is that your life deserves it, a year that ends and another that just begins, it is time to celebrate and wish only the best vibes for you, I love you very much friend.

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