love for a child,

A child is a wonderful gift that gives us life, you love it even before it reaches the world and expressing that love with a dedication can be very difficult, especially if words are not your forte. That is why in GreetingsNow we have a large collection of phrases of love for a child, to help parents express themselves and describe their feelings before the most beautiful gift that life could give them:

  1. During the years of my youth I never imagined that I could feel in my heart a feeling as deep as the one you make me feel every day. Now that I see you grow and become a young man, I want to tell you that the world, although it is dark and dangerous, has incredible wonders that you can discover, that happiness is a way of seeing life and never a goal and that I will always accompany you in the path you decide to travel.
  2. You are my time of light, who came to show me that in life we ​​can be happy with the simplest things, but of deeper meaning, such as love for a child, seeing him grow and dedicating love phrases to a son when You want to brighten your day.
  3. Son, throughout my life I have enjoyed many moments of joy, but since you were born the moments in which I have seen you grow they far outweigh them. The happiness I feel when having you by my side is indescribable.
  4. My dear children, only you are my greatest pride, the hope of the future and the miracle of God that feeds my soul and fills it with a joy that cannot be measured.
  5. I only wish the best for you son, I want you to carry in your heart all the love in the world, so that as you grow up you are a great person and know how to love and respect your partner and your future children.
  6. My son, your arrival in the world changed many things and made me rethink many of my beliefs. Since I saw you born, I decided to be a better person to be the example you need, because now you are the most important thing in my life.
  7. Daughter, I want you to show yourself to the world as you are, never to hide anything from yourself, because you are the greatest gift the world can crave.
  8. As a love phrase for a daughter says, that you are a copy of your mother and at the same time a totally unique and different person, I want to tell you that I fully understand our differences and discussions, now that you are older we will continue learning the one of the other and growing in our love.
  9. The most beautiful word in the world was the first one you said when you learned to speak: MOM, when I heard it from your lips I died and was born again renewed for you.
  10. All my kisses and my hugs are yours, I only wish with all my heart that you love me as much as I will love you, my son.

From GreetingsNow we hope that these phrases for a child of love have been to your liking and perfectly describe what you feel for him or her. We invite you to dedicate them especially to them, you can modify what you want to adapt them to your tastes and what you feel.

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