Messages for a special Sister

  • Sister, since I remember you, you have been my greatest happiness; since I remember you, you have done nothing but make my days happier, turn my bad days into beautiful memories. I love you as I have never loved.
  • It is impossible that we have a better relationship than we already have and we would have to put as a model of good sisters, those who love and support each other forever in all situations.
  • I am not able to imagine a life without having you as a sister, because knowing that I can count on you, I know that I will be able to overcome anything. I love you!
  • Having you almost that I wouldn’t have needed a friend because you’re already the best friend I could have. Thank you, dear sister, for always supporting me.
  • It has never been easy for me to write messages or phrases to describe how much love I feel for you. And in this world I will have known hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, and none ever wanted anyone as you do with me.
  • I would not be so foolish to wish my luck when I have the greatest of luck with you and it is you, I would not be so foolish as to stop valuing you and not realize that you are the most beautiful thing in my life, someone necessary.
  • If I had not had you as a sister and had dreamed of a perfect sister relationship, I would never have dreamed it so beautiful and special, so exciting and sentimental. I love you sister, always remember these words.
  • All those happy moments that we spent together playing come to me as a memory and I have been aware of how lucky I am to have in my life. I love you sister.
  • The greatest present that God has given me has been to have you as a sister, and that is that you are my light and the person who gives that security, and that is why I ask you to never change.

It hurts to have to write messages or phrases to a special person and I love it so much when it is far from me, it hurts me not to be able to hug and kiss you, to stay hugged to you forever, it hurts to miss you so much

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