Phrases for Happy Father’s Day

We should not wait for Father’s Day to congratulate the man who cared for and protected us, he gave advice, but if you want to dedicate a card with Phrases for Happy Father’s Day, you have arrived at the right place, in Greetings Now we have the best greetings and messages to decorate cards or images to share on social networks during this special day for him:

  1. Unfortunately, life never comes with an instruction manual that tells us what to do, instead, mine came with a wonderful dad who has always advised me. Happy day Dad.
  2. Dad, I know that many thousands of kilometers separate us, but we will always have our phrases for Father’s Day. Keep in mind that you will always be in my thoughts, my prayers and my heart.
  3. For you my hero, my first love and my most faithful friend, I want to tell you that you are the best father a daughter could wish for. That’s why today I dedicate these words of love for Father’s Day, although you know that I think it should always be celebrated, because you are a father every day. Happy day dad, may God fill your life with many more blessings.
  4. There is no greater treasure in my life than your dad, thanks for what you have given me, for your support, your advice and all your love. Happy Father’s Day.
  5. For educating me, helping me and supporting me throughout my life, I will always be indebted to you, Dad. I want to dedicate you thousands of happy father’s day phrases, but I only get these short words for you: Thank you, you are the person I love most on this planet.
  6. Today that is Father’s Day, I have wrapped all the love my heart can feel for you with great affection and sent it with the wind to fill you with kisses when you go out the window. I LOVE YOU dad, don’t forget it.
  7. Only you showed me that if I could achieve what I wanted, face my fears and conquer the heights. Without you dad, I wouldn’t be where you are now. I will be grateful to you all my life.
  8. I dedicate these words to the king of our house, to the best friend, advisor and teacher of my brothers and I. Dad, we all love you so much and wish you all the happiness this world has to offer.
  9. I know I don’t say it as much as I should, but within my heart I always plant an overflowing source of love for you and that will never change. Happy day dad, don’t forget that I love you, I adore you and I always keep you in mind and in my heart.

From GreetingsNow we want to give you this collection of Phrases for Happy Father’s Day so that you can express all the feelings evoked in you and the love you feel for him. However, we recommend that you not only wait for Father’s Day to dedicate sweet words of love, do it whenever you want to express how much you love him.

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