Phrases for Happy Mother’s Day

A mother is the first woman in our life and the most important, no one can love you as much as she does and that is why you should not forget to tell her how much you love her or miss Mother’s Day. If you can’t think of phrases to dedicate, don’t worry, here we have some of the best phrases for Happy Mother’s Day that you can find throughout the network:

  1. No matter who I know or who chooses to share my life, you will always be the most important person for me. Happy Mother’s Day!
  2. You are happy when I find my happiness, your life is beautiful if mine is, even when I have grown up you have not stopped teaching me to be happy, thank you for being my mother.
  3. On this special day I want to thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me, for all the advice and everything you taught me to be able to live, thank you very much mom.
  4. Today is just a day chosen to remember all those angels who live on earth and are called mothers, but I want to remind you every day of the year how important you are to me.
  5. I love you so much, my mother, for you my heart has no limits, because yours never had it with mine and taught me what it meant to love selflessly and with all my soul, thanks for your love, your understanding and your patience.
  6. My beloved and dear mother, I ask God to never stop blessing you, to fill you with many more years to be able to love and thank you for everything you did for me. Happy Day!
  7. Humanity in a mother cannot be measured, they are beings completely given to their children, capable of giving up their lives for them, so I am very proud to be able to tell you mom and have the opportunity to thank you for everything you gave for me.
  8. A mother is capable of becoming anyone with ease, she is a chef, doctor, confidant, friend, storyteller and miracle creator, but nobody can take her place Thank you for being my mother!
  9. They say that life does not have a manual to be lived, but luckily, it comes with a mother who teaches us what is necessary to fight for our dreams.
  10. Mother, your happiness is the light that guides me to reach a better future, thanks to you I was able to wake up to life, you taught me everything I needed and more to be who I am now and even, you encourage me to overcome myself every day more, thanks for being there for me. That’s why I dedicate this phrase to wish you a: Happy Mother’s Day!

If you liked these phrases, do not forget to let us know, in GreetingsNow we are sure that that special woman in your life whom you call mom will be delighted to receive these precious words in her day. Remember to accompany them with a gift, or even better, gather the family and share together, there is no better gift for a mother than to see her home full of happiness again.

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