phrases for my daughter,


Girls often appreciate any pretty dedication that can be sent to them. A daughter will always enjoy receiving precious texts of love from her parents and will treasure them with all her heart. That’s why from Greetings Now we share these beautiful phrases for my daughter, with them you can brighten her day and fill her heart with warmth reminding her how important she is to you:

  1. I am very happy because in my life the best thing that could happen to me has happened and that has been to become the mother of a baby as beautiful as you.
  2. Daughter, only you are the light of my days, my greatest joy and my highest happiness. You don’t know how much I love you and how much I thank God for your existence.
  3. To become the father of a daughter like you is to receive a great gift in life. You are a wonderful woman and you only deserve the best that this world has to offer.
  4. When I first saw you, I felt that my life was full of joy and I thought I could not be happier. How wrong I was! Now that I see you grow, I am even happier.
  5. Live and enjoy your life as you wish, that I will always have my arms extended for you, keep all your secrets and advise you along the way.
  6. My beloved daughter, trust you as much as I do in you, you can achieve everything you set your mind to. You will always have me by your side to support you and see you succeed.
  7. I want to give you all the freedom you need and for that I give you the best example. I want you to be happy, different and yet, feel loved.
  8. A daughter is the greatest gift that God could give me, you know that I am not very proficient in words and I can only write you few beautiful phrases for daughters, so I want you to know that my love for you is infinite, eternal and never switch to.
  9. I will never stop reminding you, my daughter that God made you beautiful and that is why you should never underestimate the great work he did of you.
  10. My daughter, you do not know how much I want to avoid the pain of learning, but that will deprive you of the pleasure of growing and discovering all the potential you have to be great. I want to avoid the frustrations of love, but the pain of heartbreak is what makes us mature. I will not remove the obstacles of your life, because only then can you enjoy the true pride of becoming a powerful woman.

A friend once told me that it was not necessary to wait for a special occasion to send a phrase for my pretty daughter, you can do it at any time, because it is a gift that will always be well received and will fill your day with joy. Every beautiful message you send them is like a happiness pill that you can share with them. We 

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