Phrases Shorts for a child

Sometimes our children are in a hurry for life that is typical of youth and adulthood, sometimes they do not have time to appreciate some text full of love that you want to dedicate, in these cases, it is best to send some of the phrases Shorts for a child that GreetingsNow has to offer:

  1. I trust and I will always trust you my son, I want you to keep this great truth in your heart. Because no matter what happens, I will always believe in you.
  2. Babies grow love, reduce bank accounts, and make days shorter and nights longer. They manage to become wonderful children who fill the home with peace and give us the hope of a better future.
  3. Once I read a short phrase for a son who said that children who need more love will ask for it in the least loving way possible. That is why my patience is infinite, because many times your bad behavior is just a hungry cry of love.
  4. Time passes cruel and untamed, so we must want and take care of what we have, because one day we might not enjoy ourselves. I love you my son, never forget it.
  5. Sometimes children only notice the mistakes we make, but forget what we do for them. We should not judge them, they are still young and for them it is difficult to understand that their parents are also human.
  6. A short sentence for a son said that our first obligation to children is to give them a happy life, I hope I have done it with you, son.
  7. Having a faithful child the most irrational and natural act that your mother and I could commit, and we would do it again.
  8. Only when I had you in my arms for the first time, I could understand the happiness of my parents when I was born and all the fears and doubts that overwhelmed them.
  9. The love I feel for you son is not greater than our home, it is infinite than the universe itself.
  10. Son, please promise me one thing, never hide who you are, because this world needs more people like you.

As you have seen, in a small message we can say a lot, even condense everything we plan to express with several words. In GreetingsNow we are proud to have only the best phrases for a short child, because with them we can contribute to strengthen ties between parents and children and can begin to amend many mistakes.

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