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In GreetingsNow we give you the most beautiful, special and funny words related to the most beautiful thing in the world that we can have, and that is why we have compiled a list of short and beautiful messages and friendship phrases, of love, for children, for friendship day, for distance, for WhatsApp, Facebook and also some long ones with thoughts for your friends. Let’s go see them!

True friends are counted on the fingers of one hand and still, we will have fingers left over. A true friend is that selfless person able to help you at any time of difficulty. He knows everything about you and yet he loves you. Therefore, from GreetingsNow we bring you the best beautiful friendship phrases to dedicate:

  1. The true friend is one who knows all your flaws and still loves you madly. It is that person who, being by your side, can turn all sorrows into infinite joy.
  2. Everyone strives to seek love forgetting that true friendship is much harder to find than love. If you have it, take care of it with zeal and never let it escape.
  3. Friend, that friendship that ends is because I had never started, I feel very happy about our union and I am sure I can call you brother.
  4. Only true friends can get angry at nonsense, stop talking and then reconcile as if nothing had happened. That is why a beautiful phrase of friendship says that we must carefully decide our friends and then, take a lifetime to change them.
  5. Friends are those who tell us all the things they don’t like about us in the face, that’s much better than the enemies, who do it behind your back.
  6. With real friends we are not left to kill time, we are left to spend the best moments of our lives. These shared moments are magical and are the ones we remember with longing when they are increasingly scarce. Rate them.
  7. One of the greatest virtues of friendship is that it gives us the right company to think out loud. It is so unique that it allows us to judge a person just by knowing their friends.
  8. True friendship is not indestructible by love, it is by trust. We know it’s there and it will never let us down
  9. Friendship is the shadow that covers you in the days of scorching sun and the mantle that protects you from the cold in the iciest moments of life.
  10. The friends are so special that we must protect them in a castle completely closed by the walls of our hearts.
  11. Friendship is a gift we all want to receive at some time. Having a good friend helps us enjoy life to a great extent and is essential to combat loneliness: Of all the gifts, big and small, their friendship is the greatest of them all. Anonymous.
  12. Br. Jerome Cummings is responsible for putting the finger on the sore with the following thought, because a friend really loves us for who we really are: A friend is someone who knows us but loves us anyway. Br. Jerome Cummings
  13. Friendship gives us the unwavering assurance of being understood by someone else, a great truth that Seneca left for history: One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and be understood. Seneca
  14. Beautiful phrase by Hubert H. Humphrey to dedicate to a special friend, because we don’t always recognize how valuable friendship can be in our lives: The greatest gift of life is friendship and I have received it. Hubert H. Humphrey.
  15. On the surrender and fidelity of friendship, Walter Winchell leaves us a beautiful message that we must keep in mind in the difficulties: A true friend is the one who enters when the rest leaves. Walter Winchell
  16. Finding truly faithful friends is a miracle in life. This Jewish saying even compares it to finding a treasure: Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure. Jewish saying
  17. The real friend is the one who is in charge of pointing out your virtues, but he is relentless in telling you about your defects. Wise words from San Juan Bosco: Do not consider as a friend who always praises you and has no courage to tell you your flaws. San Juan Bosco
  18. Churton Collins left us with important advice about true friendship and that is that in prosperity it is easy to make friends, but in adversity we discover those who really love us: In prosperity our friends know us; In adversity we meet our friends. Churton Collins
  19. Friedrich Nietzsche surprises us with this phrase of short friendship, because it sums up perfectly what is friendship, trust and total and conscious delivery of our life in the hands of someone else: Love is blind; Friendship closes his eyes. Friedrich Nietzsche.
  20. The experiences we face in the world can help us change our mentality, leading us to be enemies to friends, as Martin Luther King, Jr says: The world is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  21. Aristotle spent some time thinking and reflecting on friendship. In his next words he talks about justice and friendship and how both concepts go hand in hand when talking about friends: When men are friends, they do not need justice; but, although men are fair, they need friendship. Aristotle.
  22. Dalai Lama expresses that the feelings necessary to maintain a friendship are sincerity and mutual respect, because through them it is that we can build one of the most beautiful human relationships: Friendship can only take place through the development of mutual respect and within a spirit of sincerity. Dalai Lama.
  23. Although it seems contradictory, some blood brothers are not our friends and may even meet our enemies instead, a friend will invariably always be a brother to us. Without a doubt, a beautiful philosophical phrase of friendship of Demetrio de Falero: A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother. Demetrio de Falero.
  24. Aristotle bequeathed us some of the best phrases of friendship that we can find in time. With the following words it reminds us that friendship is an almost as deep feeling with love: Friendship is a soul that lives in two bodies; A heart that lives in two souls. Aristotle.
  25. One of the most widespread thoughts about friendship is that it tells us that true friendship is one that is maintained in difficult times. Rabindranath Tagore not only affirms that in his sentence, but reminds us that it is in difficult times where friendship shines brighter: True friendship is like phosphorescence, it shines better when everything has darkened. Rabindranath Tagore.
  26. Socrates advises us to be cautious before becoming friends with someone, but once we are in a friendly relationship, we remain firmly in it: Be slow to fall into friendship, but once inside, stay constant. Socrates.
  27. Friendship and love must be lived as liberating experiences and not as chains of control. William Penn in his appointment reminds us that for a healthy friendship it is important to preserve freedom: There can be no friendship where there is no freedom. William Penn
  28. Mencio gives us a great reflection of friendship and that is when we find a real friend, we start thinking as one despite living in separate bodies: Friendship is a mind in two bodies. Mention
  29. Socrates gives great advice to future generations and it is that in these moments where the meaning of friendship seems distorted, remembering what a friend is worth can lead us to value it and protect it even more: The friend must be like money, that before needing it, you know the value it has . Socrates.
  30. We do not need friends who are faithful copies of us, we need friends who challenge us to be better, who teach us by their example and also learn from ours. Did you know Plutarch’s words: I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods my head when I seat her; My shadow makes it much better. Plutarch.
  31. To remind you, I just have to think about the true meaning of my happiness. Therefore, I want you present in my life for the rest of the years that I have to live.
  32. I love this phrase of love and friendship: Imperfections are what make you the perfect person for a true friend. Friends love without asking questions.
  33. If you open your heart without fear of being hurt, you can enjoy the true friendship and love that the world has to offer, so if you insist on protecting your heart, you will find a rock in your chest.
  34. Throughout your life you will meet people entering and leaving your heart over the years, but only those who call friends can leave a mark on your soul.
  35. One of life’s best experiences is to love and be loved, no matter if they break your heart, because it is better to have experienced this wonderful feeling than to live life without having done it.
  36. Friends stay by your side when you need it, even if they would rather be somewhere else, and that ability to deliver is what differentiates an excellent friendship from a false one.
  37. Real friends will always be willing to give you their affection at any moment, they will be by your side without being called and they will get you a smile. You are that to me, friend.
  38. It doesn’t matter if time makes us write much less, that we dedicate less time, hugs and love, I know that you love me and that we are important to each other. It is the only thing that matters in a friendship.
  39. We are all rare, living in a strange world where society strives to be normal. When you find someone as weird as you, you learn to value your rarity, share it and enjoy it. That is true love and true friendship.

40. We may not share as much as before, our pace of life has separated us, but our friendship continues to be as powerful as when we were children



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