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short phrases for your mom


There are occasions where few words can express a lot, in GreetingsNow we are aware that the big day, mother’s day is approaching, and that is why we offer you the most beautiful collection of short phrases for your mom. Remind her how much you love her with the following messages for her:

  1. Mom, thanks for teaching me to find humor even in the most difficult situations.
  2. Thank you mother for teaching us that a person can be anything, you are the best chef in the world, the best doctor and the warrior who protects me from my nightmares.
  3. It is not biology that makes you a mother, but the love for your children.
  4. A mother is able to turn any place into a home that is the power of pure souls.
  5. Mother, only you have the power to turn this world of nightmares into a story worth living.
  6. A child’s first and last school is his mother, she teaches him the basics of life from birth until he flies out of the nest, and even later, thanks for everything, mom.
  7. One day I discovered that the purest love we will ever know is the love of a mother.
  8. All the loves of the world can be lost, but the only one that will remain by my side is that of my mother.
  9. All that I am now and all that I can achieve I owe it to you mom, these achievements are also yours.
  10. There is no safer place to take refuge than your arms mom, only in them can I cry and feel truly loved.

We hope that these short phrases for your mother are to your liking and can express what you feel in your heart. We recommend that you modify the phrases according to what you feel for her and add much more feeling, because a mother enjoys the samples of affection of her children, even if you feel that it is not enough for everything she has given for you.



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