The Mother ‘s Day is a celebration

The Mother ‘s Day is a celebration in which entire families seeking to come together to pay tribute to this so special for your Mammy would be good if you have ready a phrase cute as a dedication that we are sure will be forever etched in his memory and in his heart.

 This second Sunday of May that serves to reflect with your family that you’re Mother must love her, thank her and pay tribute daily because her love is permanent and the feeling towards her children will never stop.

It would be interesting for you to agree so that each member of the household will send you a nice message for their day.

 Here are sweet and original phrases so that you wish your Mommy a happy Mother’s Day.

Messages for Mother’s Day 

:: “Mother, you are a brave, intelligent, wise and tender woman, I hope with all my heart to fill your life with many joys like today that you will have a happy Mother’s Day “.

  : “Words that can express your love of Mother so accurately have not been created. I wish you a happy day. ”

  : “If I have reached where I am, it is thanks to your care and unconditional affection. Happy day, Mother. ”

  : “I will always remember with emotion the stories you used to tell me while you made me sleep. You are a very sweet woman. Happy day, Mother. ”

  : “Your love is like a beacon that illuminates my life. I love you so much and I want to see you very happy celebrating this Mother’s Day. ”

Emotional greetings for Mother’s Day 

  : “Only your dear Mother is able to perceive and guess the different emotions that are inside me. I wish you all the happiness you deserve for being my angel. ”

  : “You have a great sensitivity for that reason you identify with me, you feel my sorrows and my joys. I love you so much, Mother. May we celebrate a nice family day? ”

  : “There is no word in the dictionary that can express the power, beauty, and feeling of a Mother. I love you and I admire a lot. Congratulations on your day”.

  : “You are a sweet woman but when they touch your children you can become a lioness. Thank you for always taking care of me. Happy day, Mother. ”

  : “The purest love is manifested in our relationship so I feel great tenderness and best wishes for you Mother”.

Send nice greetings to the Mother 

: “I have a very high concept of your person, your sweetness has marked my life. Happy day, Mother.

: “At the end of my day, it is gratifying to come home and find my angel who with a kiss and a hug seems to do magic and makes me forget my tiredness. I love you so much”.

: “I thank you because you manage to make our family life cheerful and serene. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:”Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you because with your actions you manage to radiate love and union to our family. ”

: “No word is able to describe the beauty and strength that a Mother has. Happy day to all the Mothers in the world. ”

Thoughts for a Mama in her day

: “You are good and tender, I hope not to disappoint you and fill you with many satisfactions. Happy Mother’s Day”.

: “Happy day for a woman as special as you who with sweetness, intelligence and much patience has formed me in your likeness”.

: “Mother, your patience has been able to withstand my crises and rebellions, thank you because you never stop giving me your love and understanding. Happy day”.

: “You are a very special woman who with sweetness you have always known how to reach my heart and let me into reason. Happy Mother’s Day”.

: “You know me like in the palm of your hand, you know that I can’t hide anything from you and that my love for you is sincere. Happy day, Mother. ”

Wish Happy Mother’s Day to the World’s Moms

: “With much intelligence and wisdom you have taught me to master my fears. I love you so much and I wish you a happy Mother’s Day. ”

: “I am very happy that you are the one who gave me life, I think that another person would not have had such patience with me. Happy Mother’s Day”.

: “I will always be indebted to you, for giving me life, for making me a person similar to you. Happy Mother’s Day”.

Any of these beautiful thoughts will fill your Mother with joy in her day.

Beautiful words to pay tribute to a deceased Mother

:: “Mother although you are no longer next to my body, today I want to celebrate your birthday because for me you live in my heart and a day like today is cause for celebration.

I want you to know that you were always a wonderful Mother, the most sublime being that I could have known because I owe you all that I am. I am sure the day will come when we will meet again in the kingdom of heaven and this time it will be forever Mother.

You don’t know how much you miss me and how much I miss you. Congratulations.”

: “I can’t help feeling sad and melancholy on this date that you would be serving one more year among us. Sometimes I start thinking that good people like you have to leave this world so soon.

:: “I was blessed for many years while I had you by my side mommy but today even though my heart has been empty since you are not know that from the top of the sky you take care of me and guide each of my steps.

I am sure that today the angels are partying why an angel like you is celebrating years of life. I want you to know that if God granted me a wish I would ask him to be in your arms even for a few seconds. Happy mother’s day.”

:: “Today, when you are one more year old, I can’t help but let some tears run down my sad cheek, knowing that I can’t hug you, kiss you on your day and much more. You don’t know what I would give because we are together singing your happy birthday and watching you blow out the candles.

On this special date I want to send you a huge hug to heaven and tell you with all the strength of my heart happy day. You are and always will be my life. ”

: “Today we have all met in the family in honor of your birthday. We want you to know that your presence accompanies us on this date and that we wish you to have a nice day with your angel’s friends.

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