What does a daughter mean to a father?

In society it is very common belief that states that parents value the male child more and that the girl is not always so desired. But nothing is further from reality. Let’s start with daughters, girls tend to be much more attached to their mothers, but did you know that at 3 years that changes? After that age, girls focus almost all their attention on their father, and although it is hard to believe, GreetingsNow reminds you that this makes them the most influential figure, provides a masculine perspective of life in the development of girl.

Now what does a girl mean to her father? GreetingsNow has the answer for you. Surprisingly, potatoes are much more committed and receptive to the needs of their daughters, with them they sit down to talk about their feelings, especially about sadness, a father’s relationship with a daughter is tender and you can reinforce it with the help of some of our appointments and dedications for a daughter GreetingsNow has them for you!

With girls, parents always use a more loving and analytical language, they forget about competitiveness and achievements, they don’t put pressure on their daughters. However, it is important that they express to their daughters the importance of setting goals and winning, and they must also use more tender language with their children.

According to a study, dads with daughters respond with greater affection and happiness to see the smile is their daughters than in a child. Of course, this was done by measuring brain responses, not that the happiness of their children does not make them happy, only that the natural response is a little less.

In short, a daughter for a father is extremely important, with her, they discover a tender, analytical and affectionate side that perhaps they believed hidden. In addition, the relationship with a father is extremely important for girls, as it prevents them from developing anxiety and depression. Be nice to her and show love to your little girl by dedicating some of the pretty thoughts to daughters that GreetingsNow brings to you.

What does a son mean to a mother?

Children for a mother are the most important thing in their life, between them a love bond is formed from the moment of gestation. The mother is the first to teach a child to love. In many words dedicated to children, mothers always ensure that they are their motivation and their engine to move forward, children are the inspiration of a mother.

This inspiration gives vigor to a mother, leads her to climb mountains if necessary, leads her to move forward and fulfill all her goals. This type of love cannot be expressed with words, although in GreetingsNow we have tried, hoping to create only the best messages for children you can look for.

When a woman becomes a mother, she experiences a very powerful, tender and intelligent love. It is a love that does not disappear or languishes, it strengthens with each passing day.

All this love, patience, honesty and kindness that motherhood requires is fed by the purest love, a selfless love that makes women grow as a person and finds very creative and diverse ways of manifesting, even if a child cannot understand them. Therefore, let him know how much you love him with beautiful messages of love for children that you can find in GreetingsNow.

What can I say in a sentence for my children?

Finding what to say to our children can be very difficult, particularly if they are no longer children and that is why they do not listen to you as carefully as before. However, what you want to tell them will always be the right thing, as parents, you will have advice and words of encouragement and love that you certainly need to hear from time to time. In GreetingsNow we have many thoughts and words that you can dedicate especially.

In an appointment for your children you can tell them many things, from advice to guide you through life, to words of love and understanding, because you must be honest with yourself, they are other times and not always what you consider as “The best” It’s what he or she has in mind. Take the time to really know your children, to understand them and you will discover what you have to say.

Many tips never go out of style, even in these modern times. In that kind of advice you should focus your attention. Many situations that your children will face are not so different from those you faced at their age. Avoid judging, they live in a different time from yours, the opportunities, dreams, goals and difficulties are different, but not what you feel before them, use your empathy in a message for children.

Following these simple tips you can write a beautiful dedication to send to your children at special times or when you think it is necessary. If the words get stuck or you don’t know what to say, you can choose from the vast collection that GreetingNow has for you, without a doubt, you will find a couple of messages that will inspire you to create your own.

Tips to send phrases to your children

Dedicating reflections and appointments to your children is a great way to communicate, but many of these words often fall on deaf ears, especially during adolescence. To send messages and make sure they reach their hearts and remember that they have you as a father or as a mother, or with both, it is necessary to follow some tips and GreetingsNow has them for you:

  • Remember that your adolescent or young child does not share the same way of thinking, does not have your life experience and many tips may seem annoying. Therefore, send your texts so that they are understandable to them, recognize and value their reality, never minimize it and your words will be heard.
  • Really listen to them, don’t prepare the following advice or reproach when they talk to you, because you’ll never understand them. Understand every word and situation and you will know what to tell them.
  • Never send beautiful words through their social networks, teenagers often love their parents away from their friends and their lives. A letter on your pillow or a message on your mobile phone will be better received.
  • You can place quotes and thoughts for your child in a book you plan to give him. Know their tastes to buy the best book for them and put on their back cover words specially dedicated to them, to do so you can modify some of the messages that GreetingsNow has in its collection. In this way, you encourage reading, show that you are interested in their hobbies and tastes and it will be a gift and wisdom that will keep forever.

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